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Surf the Confluence - Denver Project

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Confluence Park, where the South Platte River and Cherry Creek converge, has been a river recreation hub for decades.  Packed on hot summer days with hundreds of people enjoying the water while being nestled into one of the City’s most happening neighborhoods, it’s no wonder people often refer to Confluence Park as the “beating heart of Denver”.  But where’s the surf?

Plans are now in the works to completely renovate the Park – improving the river, trails, viewing areas, access to the river and, yes, adding river surfing.  Thanks in large part to the success at River Run Park in Sheridan and advocacy from members of CRSA, Denver City and community leaders are taking note that surfing is key to the success of the future Confluence Park.  The river will be re worked into a series of waves, breaking waves and pools that will offer something for everyone.  Two adjustable WaveShaper features are, in our surfer’s opinion, the crown jewel of the project.  Specifically designed for low and high flows, these waves will showcase river surfing in Denver throughout the year.

So are you going to be bottom turning this time next year at Confluence Park?  Sorry to say but the wave construction is still at least 5-years out.  CRSA will continue to advocate for a better river and better surf waves as this amazing project moves forward.  Join us and make your surfing voice heard.

Good things are worth the wait, right?

-Ben Nielsen, CRSA Director At Large


Continuing the growth and production of new river waves fosters community and environmental stewardship amongst a growing river surfing community all over the state of Colorado. We welcome you to be apart of it.